Module 5 Educ 8117 Example Assignment

When an item is cited within an article, you will typically see the authors' last names used for the in-text citation and the full title in the references. This means that you can look for those things in an all text search of a library database.

On the library website, click the blue Articles by Topic button.

Select Education from the list of subjects.

Choose a database. For this search it is best to use a large database such as Education Source or  ERIC.

Enter the author name(s) into one search box. Change the Select a Field (optional) dropdown to TX All Text.

Enter the article title into another search box. Again change the Select a Field (optional) dropdown to TX All Text.

Click Search.

Click the link to the full text of one of your results. You can confirm that it has cited the Barr & Tagg article by checking the references at the end of the article. Read or skim the article to find the exact location that the authors discuss Barr & Tagg.

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