German Case Study

In my view, it will be the subject of business case studies over time.
Times, Sunday Times(2011)

A Deaf Havana gig might make a good case study in how much music sales still matter.
Times, Sunday Times(2014)

It also makes a perfect case study for those wishing to downsize but not downgrade.
Times, Sunday Times(2012)

She said: 'Some business student should write a case study about our unerring ability to consistently employ the wrong people.
Times, Sunday Times(2007)

These characters make great case studies.
Times, Sunday Times(2008)

Yet Youngs is as perfect a case study as anyone.
Times, Sunday Times(2016)

A few case studies will make it clear where potential problems lie.
Times, Sunday Times(2008)

Although rare, beauty parlour syndrome has been written about in case study reports in medical journals for more than a decade.
Times, Sunday Times(2016)

His story is a case study in how one can escape a troubled upbringing.
Times, Sunday Times(2010)

It is one of a set of questions I ask students after showing them a case study with data about short-term memory.
Times, Sunday Times(2014)

Let's look at one case study from Scripture.
Christianity Today(2000)

Let us take the question of health and safety regulations, the focus of one of our case studies here.
Walklate, SandraVictimology - the victim and the criminal justice process(1989)

Once a variety of interests is admitted, the explanatory power of this general sociological theory diminishes, although the importance of particular case studies remains.
Yearley, StevenScience, Technology, and Social Change(1988)

The case studies of this period read almost like collaborations between doctor and patient.
Herman, Judith LewisTrauma and Recovery(1992)

British English: case study NOUN

A case study is a written account that gives detailed information about a person, group, or thing and their development over a period of time.

...a large case study of malaria in young children.

  • American English: case study
  • Brazilian Portuguese: estudo de caso
  • Chinese: 个案研究
  • European Spanish: estudio
  • French: étude de cas
  • German: Fallstudie
  • Italian: studio di caso
  • Japanese: 事例研究
  • Korean: 사례 연구
  • European Portuguese: estudo de caso
  • Spanish: estudio

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In Common Usage. case study is one of the 10000 most commonly used words in the Collins dictionary

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