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About Citation Management Tools in Research

Citation management is an important part of the research process. It is also often referred to as bibliographic management or reference management. It involves how to obtain and where to store the references from various sources, how to manage the selected references, and what styles to use for citing while writing, etc. Managing bibliographic data could be a daunting process that requires one’s meticulous attention to details. The citation management tools make the research process become easier and simpler in terms of storing, organizing, retrieving, citing, and sharing references as well as managing PDFs and images. Users should take advantage of these tools to meet their research needs.

Citation Management Tools Supported by Rutgers University Libraries

The following tools are used by students, faculty, and staff of Rutgers:

  • EndNote — is a bibliographic management tool available in three platforms: EndNote desktop program which must be downloaded to a computer/laptop, EndNote basic (also called EndNote online or EndNote web), and EndNote for iPad. The University Libraries are licensed to provide access to EndNote for all Rutgers students, faculty, and staff. Below are some useful links for Rutgers users to download the program and learn how to use it effectively:
  • RefWorks — ProQuest’s web based reference management tool accessible to Rutgers faculty, students and staff via your NetID and password at
    ProQuest is merging RefWorks and Flow into a single platform called RefWorks 3. Old RefWorks users may choose to migrate to the new platform by clicking the upgrade link from their account. The old RefWorks platform is scheduled to be retired by September 2017. Rutgers accounts may be migrated earlier but an exact date has yet to be determined. To learn how to use RefWorks, you may visit the links below for FAQs, information on how to update to the new RefWorks, and RefWorks LibGuide:
  • • New RefWorks—Flow has become the New RefWorks. — ProQuest is merging RefWorks and Flow into a single platform known as New RefWorks. Flow users have been automatically migrated to the new platform which is not substantially different from the interface that has been used. The New RefWorks allows you to save citations and full text documents and organize them into your own personal research library. Check the links below:
  • Zotero — is a free and open source research tool. It used to include the add-on for Firefox and a standalone application. However, according to the Zotero website, starting with Zotero 5.0, Zotero for Firefox and Zotero Standalone have been replaced by a single standalone application for users of all browsers. Zotero 4.0 for Firefox is replaced by a Zotero Connector for Firefox. Use the following links to download or learn how to use Zotero:

Last updated: February 8, 2018

  • Don't have a RefWorks account? Create an account in and use New RefWorks.

  • Have a Legacy RefWorks account?

To sign in, choose "Use the Legacy RefWorks" on the combined login page.

To take advantage of the strengths of New RefWorks, create a New RefWorks account.

After you create a new account, you will continue to have access to your legacy account. (Tips for becoming familiar with New RefWorks.)

Important caution! If you are currently writing a paper with citations formatted with Write-N-Cite in your legacy account, stay with Legacy RefWorks until you have completed your paper(s). The citations in papers started in the Legacy RefWorks are currently not compatible with New RefWorks.

For any new papers you begin, use New RefWorks.

Harvard librarians will continue to support Legacy RefWorks users until its anticipated 2018 retirement and will provide assistance in moving Legacy RefWorks accounts to New RefWorks (or to another citation manager) when Legacy is no longer available.

If you have a Flow account, signing into New RefWorks will automatically transfer your account.

Please contact one of the RefWorks local support librarians, listed at the bottom of the page.

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