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The rate at which our population is growing, one can easily proclaim that a day will come when we will experience major scarcity of basic items such as food, clothing and shelter. Going by the facts, it won�t be an understatement to declare that we will end up polluting Mother Nature to the extreme, and thereby end up creating a perfect recipe for disaster, which might take a huge toll of human lives in the years to come. Today, you will find most state governments encouraging small families to avoid the harsh implications associated with over population. Small family is required not only to keep environmental hazards and other economic issues at bay, but also to ensure better quality of life.

As such, a small family promises well-fed and healthy family members. Goes without saying, kids will receive more love and attention from their parents. If you have many kids, you will be left with a daunting task of disciplining them and injecting good values in them. It�s like coaching an overcrowded classroom, where only few understand while others only listen. You will most likely miss out on quality time, otherwise required to imbibe good values in your kids. It�s not uncommon to witness family heads getting overwhelmed with responsibilities, especially when they have a large family. Goes without saying, with a large family size, one can expect personal and professional issues in bulk. For a parent, attending practice sessions, open house and other events is a must to track their child�s progress. Your kids will miss you drastically, if you don�t attend important events in their lives. Whereas, if you have a small family, you will be able to attend fruitful activities without throwing an arm and leg, thereby ensuring that everyone in the family has a healthy dose of smile on their cheeks.

Remember, each head in your family has a cost. The size of a family hugely determines the financial health. We all know how stressful life can get without sufficient funds in hands. Larger family would involve more cost on food, clothing, education and other expenses. A small family would mean keeping these expenses low. Also, the quality and quantity of foods served on the table can take a hit, if you have a large family. Goes without saying, chances of foetal death and birth defects are less in smaller families.

Education is another important factor that can go for a ride. Unless money is not a problem in your house, you will end up depriving your kids the opportunity to pursue further studies. A small family usually ends up leading a less stressful life. Larger the size of a family, larger is the number of bad events. Lack of privacy is another issue that has been associated with large families. If you have a small family, you will be able to squeeze quality time for yourself. Remember, if you are happy, only then you will be able to keep people around you happy as well, which is why it�s said, "Small family is a happy family".

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This is really well done. It is beautifully organized, with three strong paragraphs. The points are sensible and convincing, the transitions between paragraphs are excellent, and the progression of the points from "personal" to "global" is intelligent and logical. The conclusion doesn't live up to the rest of this superior work, and the author should have worked harder to come up with something better.

The English isn't bad, but it's not particularly great either. But that doesn't matter much in a fine paper like this one. The essay is interesting and enjoyable to read anyway.

Having a small family has many advantages.
> excellent opening line for a short essay like this one

For one thing, parents have time to give more attention to their children.
> "For one thing" is a perfect transition phrase here


Repeat a little part of the previous section to make your transitions rich and sophisticated.
For one thing, parents of a small family have the time to lavish love and attention on their children.
> In this case, repeating "a small family" (copied from the first line) makes this a better transition. It keeps the reader "with you" every step of the way.

The son or daughter can has a lot of love and good affection from their parents
> You just said this, so you should not say it again
> You can go back and stick "love and..." into the other sentence
> the child can HAVE, not can HAS

or get a good health care.
> This is off-topic
> lack of health care is from lack of money, not from lack of love
> It is a good point, so it would be good to try to stick it in somehow
> But as it is now, it is a new topic, stuck in the middle of this topic about

When the children deal with difficulties, they can find tenderly help from parents.
> I think it would sound smoother to keep "parents" as the subject of these sentences -- unless it begins to sound too repetitious.
> tender" is an adjective because in this case, "help" is a noun
They can be generous with their tender care when their children face difficulties,
(join this sentence with the next one)

(join this sentence with the one above)
The whole family can play sports together at the weekend.
> this is a good point, but not just "sports"
and they can enjoy all kinds of family recreation with their children.

It helps the children have comprehensive developments. Many children who have an early lack of love easily become offenders when they grow up.
> Don't make your point by exaggerating. Quote facts, data, and experts.
> If the student can use the expression "comprehensive development," then the student can do just a little more research to find the exact thing
Experts have found http://www.nationalreview.com/interrogatory/eberstadt200412170848.asp that underparented children suffer short-term and long-term consequences of parental deprivation, such as sadness, behavioral problems, and poor health.


1) Re-orient the reader
Besides allowing them the leisure to dote on their children,
> This shows the reader where you are now
> You have finished with that topic, so here is one more besides
2) AND ALSO repeat a little bit
another advantage in having small families is that
> "another advantage" is the transition phrase showing the reader that you are going to talk about one more thing
> the repeating ("having small families") makes the transition rich and complete.

advantage is parents can support each child a good education.
the parents can afford to give each child a good education.

In my country, there are lot of parents who bear so many children even couldn’t feed them at all.
> Good idea to use a striking detail that really makes your point
> Good use of the "can't even do sth" English expression
In my country, some parents bear so many children they can't even feed them.

Because poverty and starvation, older brothers or sisters much leave school early to earn money and let their younger brothers or sisters have a chance to study.
Poverty and the threat of starvation drive the older children to leave school for work so that their younger siblings can have at least some education.

With one or two children, the parents are able to afford for them to study at better place.
> The transition is missing
> When you turn in a new direction, you should say:
- but
- on the other hand
- even so
- however
- and other similar phrases
But with only one or two children, parents can afford to let them stay in school.

> Exactly correct transition

they also have enough time to help the children in doing schoolwork, for example solving difficult mathematics problems.
> too specific here, I think
And they have the time to be supportive of their children's studies.

So the children can get a better result at school.
Research has shown http://www.hfrp.org/publications-resources/browse-our-publications/parental-involvement-and-student-achievement-a-meta-analysis that parental attentiveness strongly increases school success.

Finally, small family
> Excellent transition
> Repeating "small families" makes the transition rich and complete

helps every country in controlling the growth of population.
> too many words
Finally, small families control overpopulation.

The Earth’s population is estimated to be over six billion and is increasing rapidly every year.
> too many words
> let this terrible fact shine out
> don't bury it in a lot of words
The Earth's population is now six billion -- and it increases every day.

Together with population explosion, we are facing many problems, such as pollution, health service and education. Overpopulation lead a diminish quality of human life.
> The population explosion diminishes the quality of human life.

> You need a sentence here to tie this observation back in to the benefit of having a small family. "If the globe is not to end up swamped in humans, the average family size must be kept low" or something like that.

In conclusion,
> I think this is not a good transition
> It is too much for such a little paragraph
> Just starting a new paragraph may be enough
> Look and see when you re-read for editing. If you need it, you can always put it back in.

small family spend small fee and get full of emotional life. More than that, small family means decreasing the rate of population growth and increasing quality of life.
> A conclusion is not just a repeat of your points
> A conclusion is the tiny lace trim on a handkerchief
> It gives the essay a neat "finish" - a nice hem
> It "matches" the essay but it is not the SAME as the essay
It is because of the numerous benefits -- personal, social, and global -- of small families that the World Health Organization and the United Nations http://www.populationpress.org/essays/essay-myths3.html encourage families to limit the number of children to those they can afford and nurture.

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