Argumentative Essay Topics On Feminism

Gender Inequality Essay Topics

1. Gender and Economics: Gendered Pay

The implications of pay differences among men and women in different industries.

2. Gender and language: Masculinity versus Femininity

A discourse analysis on the masculinity and femininity of certain languages that trigger gender inequality.

3. Gender Inequality in the Society: Theory and Practice

Building a discourse on gender based on different theoretical bases.

4. Battle of the Sexes: Male and Female Dichotomy

This gender essay topic will focus on he competition between male and female in different aspects of the society.

5. Dealing with Patriarchy: Where is Equality?

Defining patriarchy and how it takes away equality.

6. The Feminist Stigma: Why Men are Afraid of Feminism

This gender inequality essay topic will delve deep on the concept of feminism and why it is misunderstood by the society.

7. Feminism and Intersectionality: Why it Matters

The importance of intersectionality in a gender sensitive community.

8. Gender Discrimination: History and Culture

Historicizing patriarchy in the context of culture.

9. Men Over Women: Why Men are Perceived Superior in the Society

Gender roles in the society and the superiority of the male character.

10. Gendered Employment: Men versus Women in the Workplace

Why men are still favored over women in the society.

11. The Rise of Feminist Ideology in Contemporary Society

Explaining feminist ideology in theory in the actual conditions of the society.

12. Gender in Capitalism: Capitalizing on the Gender Struggle

How capitalism uses the issue of the gender struggle in forwarding their capitalistic intentions.

13. The Gender Struggle: The Strife for Equality in the Society

Who affects the gender struggle? Why does equality matter in the society.

14. Race, Gender and Culture: Defeating the Dichotomies

These three aspects of the society are the main reason why discrimination continues to flourish and makes the concept of inequality seem to be far-fetched.

15. The History of the Patriarchy: Tracing the Roots of Gender Inequality

Identifying the roots of patriarchy in the society, putting focus on the male privilege.

16. The Rise of Female Agency: The Role of Feminism in Women’s Rights

Female empowerment and women’s rights as the actualization of women in the society.

17. 1st to 3rd Waves: Feminism over the Years, the Good and the Bad

Explaining the different waves of feminism and laying out the details of the intentions of each wave.

18. Misogyny and Sexism: Why it Continues to Happen in the 21st Century

Laying down the roots of misogyny and sexism in the contemporary society.

19. Misogyny: Internalized Hatred for Women

Identifying misogyny as a trait in individuals triggered by different aspects of society, history and culture.

20. The Value of Women Empowerment in Different Aspects of the Society

Building a discourse on women empowerment and how it helps all women around the world.

21. Beating Oppression: The Implications of Patriarchy in the Society

A showcase of actual implications of patriarchy.

22. Writing About Gender Inequality: History, Culture and Society

A discussion on how to write about issues on inequality; using concepts from history culture and society.

23. The Female Liberation: Women Empowerment throughout the Years

Focusing on the rise of the female agency.

24. The Male Gaze in Media: Objectification of Women in Movies and Television

Why women are objectified through their sexuality in media.

25. Objectifying Women: From Politics to Culture

Why is objectification embedded even in politics and culture.

26. The Female as Male Trophy: Unequal Roles in the Family

Objectifying women often leads to building an image of the woman as a trophy of the man, especially in marriage.

27. Inculcating Gender Equality: The Issue of Gender in Education

How is gender embedded in the educational system.

28. The Gender Spectrum: The Plight of the LGBTQI+ Community

The LGBTQI+ struggle and discourse.

29. Marching for Pride: The LGBTQI+ and Discrimination in the Society

Why is the LGBTQI+ community still not completely accepted in the society.

30. Sexism in Hollywood: Gender Discrimination in Casting, Employment and More

Issues on gender in Hollywood as claimed by famous actresses.

31. Gender and Media: the Sexualization of the Female Identity

Why does the media opt to utilize the sexuality of the female in order to convey a message.

32. Gender and Sexuality: The Female Agency and Empowerment in the Discourse of Sex

Why is there a stigma put on women who choose to be empowered in the context and discourse of sex.

33. Why Female Sexuality is a Threat for Males

Why are men threatened when women embrace their own sexuality.

34. Gender and Sexuality in Popular Culture

How is gender and sexuality conveyed in popular culture which is also a tool of capitalism.

35. Women in Popular Culture

A discussion of popular female icons in popular culture; heroines and fairytale princesses.

36. The Male Gaze

The contribution of the male perspective in the objectification of women especially in movies.

37. The Culture of Discrimination in Gender

This gender essay topic will focus on the implications of discrimination in the marginalized gender.

38. Why Gender Identity is Important

A discussion of gender and its contribution in the formation of identity.

39. Gender Performativity

Performativity as a way to understand the dynamics of Gender according to Judith Butler and other scholars.

40. The Hope For Equality

Gender inequality as only one of the factors in the long term struggle for social equality.

List Of Top 15 Compelling Essay Topics On Feminism

Are you interested in creating an essay on the topic of feminism, but are not sure what title should be selected so that you get a good chance of getting the top grade? You’ll get a much better grade if you spend some time in the beginning to figure out how to select a title that is of high quality. With that thought in mind, here are 15 titles that you can use for an essay on feminism, and guidelines for how you can come up with your own one:

How to come up with a title

  • Interesting to you:
  • the first order of business is to select a title that is interesting to you. If the title is bland or boring in your eyes, then you will struggle to get much traction when it comes to getting motivated to complete a high quality project.
  • Research:
  • there has to be a lot of research material on the topic, and you have to be at least somewhat knowledgeable about it. This will greatly increase the speed and ease with which you can complete the project.
  • Unique:
  • try to select a topic that has not been done many times before so that it touches upon something new.

Sample topics

Here are 15 sample topics that you can get started with:

  1. Who are the top 3 women to progress the movement of feminism forward?
  2. Who are the top 3 men to progress the movement of feminism forward?
  3. How has feminism changes the humans rights of women?
  4. What kind of impact has feminism had on our society?
  5. How does feminism differ between Europe and the US?
  6. Have there been any disadvantages of feminism?
  7. What advantages does feminism bring?
  8. What are the top 3 books on feminism and why?
  9. Which author has written the best books on feminism and why?
  10. What is the number 1 website on the internet to learn about feminism?
  11. Compare feminism to other social movements?
  12. What are the roadblocks to feminism taking place?
  13. What is your favorite aspect of feminism?
  14. How would the world be different if feminism started 100 years earlier?
  15. How can feminism be promoted in other countries where women’s rights are not that important?

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