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I am absolutely new to Latex, Tex and whatever more there is, so I decided to try Lyx to make my life easier (haven't had much success, though). I am also using Mendeley to manage my bibliography and export a .bib file to be read in Lyx.

The problem is, no matter what style I choose in either Lyx or Mendeley, I get a weird citation/bibliography layout.

The bibliography in the outcome PDF looks like this:

What I don't want is the key to appear in the beggining, ie . The second problem is that the same key appears where the citation should be in the text, for example:

Where it should be something like this

or, depending on the chosen style, like this

Is there a configuration I should be doing in either Lyx or Mendeley that I not doing correctly (or at all)?

I don't know what other information should be useful so you could help me, so feel free to comment below and I'll provide what is needed.




Postby StarValkyrie » Thu Jun 12, 2014 4:42 pm

I don't understand what you're trying to do. Usually, there's no pushing involved to use BibTeX in LyX. You go to the Insert Menu>List/TOC>BibTeX Bibliography and, in the pop up that opens, hit Add and navigate to your bib file, then hit Browse and navigate to your bst file, chose your options below that (this is where you can force BibTeX to display all citations in your bib file rather than just the ones cited in the docuemnt, if that's what you want), and then hit OK. You can configure additional options through Document Settings>Bibliography and Document Settings>PDF Properties. Then to add a citation, put your cursor where you want it and hit the Insert Citation button on the toolbar (it looks like three papers with a blue box at the corner). In the pop up that appears, choose the citation you want from the list int he first box and hit add to put it into the second box, then under Formatting (you can also enter ghost citations here if you need to include individual entries into the bibliography that don't appear as a citation in the document), select the style from the pulldown and hit OK. If you're trying to do something else, such as push citations from some kind of reference management program like Zotero, that's different, but it would depend on what software you're using.

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