Student Activities Building Umich Housing Reassignment

At the University of Michigan, room and board rates are determined by the basic room type, regardless of features and amenities such as air conditioning, room size, whether or not a building is new or renovated, location or proximity to dining. Most freshmen will be assigned to double or triple rooms, however, some singles are available. The University of Michigan Board of Regents approves final room and board rates in the spring of each year. We post these rates on our website as soon as they become available, usually mid to late June.

On your housing application, you will be asked to choose and rank two groups. You can be assigned to any of the room types within your group preferences. We will only assign you to a  Group A or Group B rate if it is your first or second choice on your application.

NOTE: Not all room types are listed in the boxes below.

GroupRoom Type GroupTypical  Rate*
Group ASingle$13,364
Group B

2-room triple with private bath
2-room quad with private bath

Group C


Group DTriple


*These rates include the Unlimited Basic Plan, although you will be able to select your desired meal plan when submitting your contract.  


Budget 30 minutes for unloading your vehicle and checking in (unpacking can come afterwards). If you come Wednesday, Thursday or Friday teams of our marvelous MLead volunteers will be on hand to help assist you with move-in!

Checking in and getting your key

Residence Halls: when you arrive on campus, go to your hall’s Community Center to check in, pick up your key, and receive directions to your room.

Northwood III: go to the Community Center at 2150 Cram Place to check in. If you are taking a cab or shuttle to the Cram Place Community Center, ask the driver to wait for you while you pick up your room key, then you can be dropped off near your assigned apartment.

Pre-Check-In Form

Filling out your Pre-Check-In Form before you come to campus will save you time and hassle when you arrive at your building.

Temporary parking

After you’ve unloaded, we will direct you to where you can park your car temporarily while you unpack and arrange your room. The temporary parking areas are typically a few blocks away, and can accommodate you for three hours.

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