Soma Prime Build Critical Thinking

Vampyre wrote:

I apologize for being mostly absent. I'm generally playing Destiny 2 because, while I think Warframe is an objectively better game, I've done almost all the content Warframe currently has to offer. I've got something like 2000 hours of playtime in the Steam version of Warframe (I had something like 700 hours before switching to steam, I think).

Jeez. And I thought my 780 Steam hours were lots. I know I was just short of three frames at one time, but that's a lot more hours.

richleader wrote:

A lot of people like watching youtube videos but then their job is to grab clicks, not present info quickly. Plus, the beauty of Warframe is that reasonable people can think each other are idiots when it comes to certain ideas.

For example, barring specific scenarios, I think Flow (Primed or standard) is a waste of time outside of specific scenarios (frames like Banshee trying to soundquake through an entire round of an interception or for a Low Energy Sortie build where your max energy is reduced to 1/4th its standard value).

To me, there's no point wasting mods on an energy bank you might not even use when you can focus on efficiency instead. Other smart people think otherwise.

The main thing that keeps Flow on my frames is that Energy Leeches are annoying, and having 300+ Energy so that 100 can get leeched before I nuke the energy leech is totally an good QoL thing. Plus, I run Trinity a lot with energy damage conversion, so yeah. I guess it's more of a "I'd rather have the extra energy than extra health/shields."

ZekuMusashi posted...

If you want a Slash-y crit Primary, Soma (Prime if possible) has got your back.

That said, Critical Delay and Hammer Shot aren't that great IMO,
you're missing Vital Sense which is ... well, pretty vital for a crit build lol,
Fanged Fusilade is okay on Dread but not so much on most other weapons,
especially if you're using it over a second elemental damage Mod.

FWIW, my Soma (Prime) build:

Serration, Heavy Caliber [you could replace this with Argon Scope / a good Riven]
Split Chamber, (Primed) Shred
Point Strike, Vital Sense
Stormbringer, Malignant Force (Infected Clip + MF for pure Corpus)

Other crit-tastic (non-Shotgun) Primaries would include ...

Prisma Grakata
Attica (yay Thunderbolt)
Dex Sybaris / Sybaris Prime
Lenz (not yet on consoles, beast of an AoE weapon, though)


Bought soma prime for 130p :)

I realise the game is more about mods, not really the weapon. So thought I'll maximize my mods

Not sure where to farm vital sense but will looking up

Really appreciate this

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