Turabian Style Bibliography Movie

General Format



 Notes-Bibliography Style (p. 197):




      Note Number. Title of Movie, directed by First Name of Director Last Name of Director, featuring (Names of Primary Actors & Actresses) (Name of Producing or Distributing Company, Year), Format of Movie (Distributing Company, Year).




      Bibliographic Entry (two example formats):












      12. Crumb, directed by Terry Zwigoff (Superior Pictures, 1994), DVD (Sony Pictures, 2006).


      14. Fast Times at Ridgement High, directed by Amy Heckerling, screenplay by Cameron Crowe, featuring Jennifer Jason Leigh and Sean Penn (Universal Pictures, 1982), DVD (2002).

     Bibliographic Entry:






General Format


Author-Date Style (pp. 260-1)


      Parenthetical Citation:


      (Director's Last Name Year)




      Reference List Entry:






      Parenthetical Entry:


      (McDonald's Corportation 2011)


      Reference List Entry:



Citations for motion pictures may vary depending on which information is pertinent to your research. Your citation should at least include the title of the movie, date it was released or made available and the name of the studio or entity responsible for producing it. If viewed online, include the date of access and the URL (pp. 202; 264).


In general, when using the Notes-Bibliography style, for the Notes entry place the movie title in italics and follow with the director's name, name of the company that distributed or produced the move, and the year of release. Supply other information as necessary, including writers, actors, and producers. Include the format in which you watched the movie if other than in a theater (i.e. DVD, VHS, MPEG video). For the Bibliographic entry, you can list the movie under either the title of the movie or the name of the director. Please refer to the Manual for different examples (p. 202).


For Author-Date style reference list, cite the movie under the director's name and follow with dir. (p. 265).


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How to reference a Film using the Chicago Manual of Style

The most basic entry for a film consists of the personnel, title, medium, director name(s), distributor, distributor city, and year of release.

Last Name, First. Film Title. Medium. Directed by First Name Last Name. Distributor City: Distributor, Year of Release.

Doe, Jane. BibMe: The Movie. DVD. Directed by John Smith. Los Angeles: Columbia, 2001.

Begin the citation by including any personnel responsible for the content being cited, including composers, writers, or performers. The first person’s name should be reversed, with a comma being placed after the last name and a period after the first name (or any middle name). Titles and affiliations associated with the author should be omitted. A suffix, such as a roman numeral or Jr./Sr. should appear after the author’s given name, preceded by a comma.

For a film with two or more personnel, list them in order as they are credited in the film. Only the first person’s name should be reversed, while the others are written in normal order. Separate names by a comma.

Doe, Jane, and Joe Anderson. BibMe: The Movie. DVD. Directed by John Smith. Los Angeles: Columbia, 2001.

After the personnel are listed, italicize the film title, and follow it with a period. Include the medium of the copy of the film you viewed (e.g. VHS, DVD, Laser Disc), along with a period.

Include the text “Directed by” and then list out the names of any directors. Write a director’s name in normal order – do not list reverse the first and last names. For a film with two or more directors, separate each person by a comma and include the word “and” before the last director’s name.

Doe, Jane. BibMe: The Movie. DVD. Directed by John Smith, and Joe Anderson. Los Angeles: Columbia, 2001.

After the directors, include the city in which the film’s distributor is located, followed by a colon, the distributor’s name, a comma, and the year of release. If film was re-released in a more recent year and you are citing content new to that particular version of the film, use the most recent year of release in your citation.

If you are citing a commentary or an individual scene, cite it like a chapter from a book. Place the commentary or film chapter name, along with a period, in quotations, after the initial personnel and before the film title.

Doe, Jane. “Humble Beginnings.” BibMe: The Movie. DVD. Directed by John Smith, and Joe Anderson. Los Angeles: Columbia, 2001.

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