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How To Come Up With The Best Topic Idea For An Illustration Essay

Illustration essays are popular choices with instructors today because of the fact that they are simple projects that prove a basic point. If a student can write a content essay like this, they can write anything. Before you can prove to your instructor that you can actually write an illustration essay, you do need a topic and the better the topic, the better the paper will be.

When you choose your paper topic, consider if the paper will be improved by including an actual illustration. If the graphic will add to the paper, then the essay topic is a good choice. This means you can add an illustration or a chart or graph to the essay to help prove your point.

Another important condition of choosing a great topic is how much you know about it. If you have to write about a book, you should read the book, because your paper will show how much you know. If you have to write about a historical event, then you should research it. This assignment is difficult to write fluff for because it is so brief in nature. The short essay will need to be full of facts and not much else.

Here are a few topics that are relatively easy to write about:

  • How do you take care of an unusual pet?
  • Are smartphones more important to people than their home computers?
  • How do you go about losing weight?
  • Cigarette smoking is banned almost everywhere, should e-cigarettes be banned, too?
  • What hobbies can turn into moneymaking ventures?
  • What are the best clothes for different body types?
  • What are the best vacation spots in the United States?
  • Who are the most liked leaders in the world today?
  • What are the different types of wine and what makes them different from each other?
  • What is the best way for you to learn?
  • How can you entertain yourself without using technology?
  • How do you determine if a book is good?
  • How do you know if art is good?
  • What makes things go wrong?
  • What is the best job that you could imagine?
  • How can bullying be stopped at your school?
  • What is the best way to write an outline?
  • How involved should the government be when it comes to planning school policy and curriculum?
  • How should a sports league choose its all-stars?
  • When a movie has a sequel, how do you know when there are too many sequels?

A multitude of topics for illustration essays in your subject area

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