Ccgps Geometry Homework

CCGPS GeometryUnit 10 – Probability10.6 – ReviewName: ________________________________________________ Date: _______________________Unit 4 ReviewIn a bowl of marbles, there are 10 red ones, 6 green ones, and 8 blue ones. 1. If a marble is chosen at random from the bowl, Fnd P(red one or a blue one)?2. If two marbles are chosen at random with replacement, Fnd P(red and a blue)?3. If two marbles are chosen at random without replacement, Fnd P(they are both red)?A person rolls two dice, one after the other. 4. P(even sum) orP(sum of 9) 5. P(odd sum) orP(sum less than 5) 6. What is the probability that the sum of two rollsis an even number givenA card is chosen from a standard deck of cards. The drawer is looking for clubs and face cards. ClubNot a Club±ace card39Not a face card10307. ±ind P(Club)8. ±ind P(Club | Not a ±ace Card)9. ±ind P(Club ±ace Card)10.±ind P(Not a Club Not a ±ace Card)11.Are the events Club and Not a ±ace Card Independent of each other?12.In a Coordinate Algebra class, 22 students were male and 10 students were female.

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