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Mail Room Clerk Resume Cover Letter

A sample cover letter for mail room clerk job.
Given below is a sample mail room clerk resume cover letter. If you are applying for a mail room clerk job, don't forget to send such cover letter with it.


123, Park evenue
Boston, MA, 02123
(123) 456-7890

September 23rd 2008

Ms. Sally Cook
Zeus Comix
665, East Street
San Francisco, CA 95893

Dear Ms. Cook,

Having been a long-time reader and subscriber to Yankee Comix, I was excited to read of your job opening of mail room clerk in last Sunday's Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Please accept this letter as an application for this position.

A keen eye for detail and a meticulous nature are two of my strongest points. These traits are essential for a mail room clerk. People like to get their mail quickly and efficiently. I would be pleased to serve in this function for Yankee Comix.

A copy of my resume, which more fully describes my capabilities and accomplishments, is enclosed.

I believe your company would be one to which I am well suited. I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.


Martha Kingman

Enclosure: Resume

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Mail Clerk Job Overview

Many professionals get their start at the proverbial bottom rung of the ladder. While mail clerk jobs might not seem glamorous or difficult, they are essential to the productive function of a business or organization. Mail clerks manage all aspects of postal deliveries both to and from the business. They are responsible for:

  • Collecting mail from company officers and employees
  • Sorting mail received from outside sources
  • Delivering mail to workers
  • Opening mail when requested by the employer

Like office clerks and accounts payable clerks, mail clerks perform an essential administrative function without which the business could not thrive. Although an increasing number of communications occurs digitally now, businesses still rely on the postal service and parcel delivery services for physical mail.

Mail Clerk Job Education Requirements

Most employers require applicants for mail clerk jobs to possess a high school diploma or the equivalent (such as a GED). Advanced degrees are not required for this position, though an Associate's or Bachelor's degree could help a candidate move up in the business after getting his or her feet wet in the mail room. Most candidates receive on-the-job training to prepare them for their duties.

Mail Clerk Job Market

For statistical purposes, mail clerks are often lumped in with general office clerks. This profession is expected to grow at a slower rate than average (approximately 6 percent through 2022), but there are currently nearly 3 million positions in the United States. Consequently, professionals seeking mail clerk positions or similar jobs should not have difficulty finding gainful employment.

Mail Clerk Job Salary Information

General office clerks earn an average of $27,470 per year ($13.21 per hour) according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Approximately 75 percent of employed mail clerks work full-time, but there are plenty of part-time positions available for workers who prefer fewer hours.

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