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NOTE : PLEASE READ THIS GUIDE IN ONLY COURIER NEW FONT SIZE 10. ¤m#¤¤mm¿ p¤**¤¤q _qmmmm¿¬¿p mm¤mmm¿_ p¤**¤¤œ=q_ p=¸pœœpœœp Ñ# 3ÑظØÅ 3ÑL_ ؆ Ñ ¯Ñ# ¸ÑF [Ñþ_ Å 3 3Ñ L ÑÅ__qÑÑ`åÑM™™™™™ª ¯™Ñ#p_ ؆ Ñ Ø ØÑ™™™™™™¹ [ ™Ñ¿ Å 3Ñ Ñ# ‘Ñþ åÑþ ¯™Ñ#‚؆ ÑL qÑ ¶ÑL [ Ñ#_Å 3Ñ Ñ# ™Å_ ÑÑþ____„~ ___цņ ÑL __ØF ÑÑþ____„ [ ¯ÑÅ qÑ ¯¯¯ Ñp ¯¯¯¯ ˆ¯¯¯ ¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯ ˆ ` ¯¯¯ ¾_ .. ______ ,: . _د¯¯¯¯™™ Ñþ Ø´ˆ¶Øˆ ¯åÑ .tL,. qÑ______ Ñ¿ Ø [Ñ ¶Ñ ..LGjLt: . Øѯ¯¯¯¯¯ ‘Ñ_ /` [Ñ ¶Ñ .. ;DLtitLGf;: ‘Ñþ åÅqÅ [Ñ ¶Ñ ¸ .fDjiitttjGKKt. ˆÑÑþ¿¿m™ \Å ,åÅ, ¸åÅ„„„„q# . .;DLjtjjjjjjfDEt. :LDfjtjjjffjjGDD; .iDftitttttijjLfGG; iGjiiittfj;,LGLfLG;. ,f;;iitijLj,.,DDLfGG; .tLi;;jtiiti:. :EEfjfL, . ;Lf;iiiitLi: :DGftjL;. .tGi;,,ii;;;: . .tGfiiji. .ff;;,,;iti.::::...:;jji;ti: jf;,,,,;ii,.,,,tfjjfit;itiij; . .tj;,,,,,,;ittjtttii;,;,,,,;jft,it. it,,::.....:.. .,t;,,,,;;jGGL,. ;i,. :tt,,;,,::tj;,. :;. :ji:,,;,. .i;:. : :t;,:,;;. :;: :i;;i;,;. it: .:i..;i,,.,ft: :; iijti,:. :tft::. .:,:. .. .. . . Welcome people, this is a separatre small FAQ just for the assignment Ada mini game that comes with Resident Evil 4. In this mini game you get to play as none other then good old Ada Wong herself, so lets go to her mission now. TABLE OF CONTENTS # ASSIGNMENT ADA # REWARDS # LEGAL AND CONTACTING INFORMATION , /) _ _ _ _ __ ___ _ __ _/_ _ _(/ _ (_(_/_)_/_)__(_(_/_/ (_// (__(/_/ (_(__ (_(_(_(_(_(_ adare4 .-/ (_/ Assignment Ada is one of the two mini games that you can unlock once you beat the main game, its a fairly simple game in which you will be playing with none other as Ada Wong and her quest to find the five Los Plagas samples, you can say that this one is actually a fairly big part of the story, just like the 4th Survivor was the only mini game related to the story before this. One thing I should tell all you right now is that Ada can take twice the amount of damage Leon does in a single hit, meaning that she can die really really quickly if you let her get attacked continously. Be aware of that. Mission Objective : Collect the Five Las Plagas samples and make your way to the check point. START When the game starts, head straight down the path and keep going down it until you come to a fork in the way, ignore the right way for now and head for the left direction. You will encounter some resistance from here on, but since ammo can be scarce very quickly you should try to save it and use as many kicks as possible. Work fine too. Since Ada doesn't start with a knife its really hard to save ammo as her as you have to use bullets for just about everything. On the left side of the fork continue forward and climb up the ledge and shoot open the crates and boxes up here to find some items in here, take all them. Head back to the fork and this time head for the other direction, on this side continue forward and blow the crate to find some handgun ammo inside it. From here head inside the window on the right side and take the ladder up to the second floor. Up the ladder you will find a first aid spray, take it and head back down the ladder. From the ladder, head to the small enclosed area to find some TMP machine gun ammo, take it. You will probably be attacked by some more enemies at this time, ignore them for now and head quickly right now out of the room and take the herb on the left side of the room. From this place go in the opposite direction and enter the other room, find some handgun ammo in here and take the ladder up to the above area, here you can find some rifle ammo. From this high vintage spot you can take care of any enemies who are following you through out the room, once the area is clear head back down and head in the norh eastern direction now, you will see some stairs here. Find the TMP ammo near the stairs and also search the surrounding area to find a green herb. Go through the door near the stairs now, and take the yellow herb from the room here. Head to the south corner of this area now and take the red herb here. Watch out for any enemies attacking you. Take the ladder up here, and head left, there's some crates here, so destroy them and take whatever is inside, jump the gap to the north and you will be attacked by some enemies on the ledgy area's, if your good enough you can save some ammo here by kicking the enemies off the ledges. From the ledge area head right and you'll find some items in a small area, take the handgun amm, grenade and the yellow herb from inside this room. Head back to the path and head north. Now here, I would first ask you to kill anyone who was behind you or who you thought we could run away from since this is a sniping area and you cant have distractions. From the path take cover behind the box and equip the rifle. First aim at the red barrel on the bridge in the distance and take it out. Then try and take out the dynamite villager as quickly as you can, afterwards take out any normal villager you see from this distance. When your done here, take the right path heading ingo the open cave like area, and head inside. Keep going through it and you will find a red herb at the end of the path. Head back to the bridge area now and while crossing it, jump down and take the path heading north, you will have to go through a tunnel now. Whilst going through the tunnel you can find a green herb and some rifle ammo, and there will be a ladder on the left to climb. After that you can find an open vent shaft and in typical RE fashion, you should enter it. Right from the bat here, head north ignoring all other paths, and take the stairs down on the north path. Down the stairs go through the small room on the right to find some needed TMP ammo, there's a box here too so break it and see. Now head all the way back to the place where we started this area from and take the south part. Take the green herb lying next to some barrels on the way and go left to find a cupboard with some handgun ammo inside. Take it. Keep going down this path and open the boxes where the path is turning, take whatever's inside and head to the south path leading to the autopsy room at the end. You can spot 2 enemies from where you are and they cant, so equip the rifle and snipe their heads off. Grab the TMP ammo from the desk in front of the entrance, now head where the two enemies were standing and take the yellow herb from the break-able glass. Take the east door now. You'll see an enemy at the other end of this hall, you can take him out with the rifle from here if you wish. After taking the guy out, take the handgun ammo from the bed to the left and take the first Los Plagas sample from the dead body laying on the floor. When you try to exit you will be attacked by three armed enemies so be aware of them and take them out quickly. Head back to the main area of this place. This time head via the dor on the west end, in here take the red herb from inside the cupboard on the other side. There's a cross bow wielding maniac here too, take him out and check the briefcase behind him to get some TMP ammo. Take the north door now leading into the freezer. In here you can find a green herb and another grenade from the break-able glass on the north end of the room. Also, there's the second Los Plagas sample to be taken here from the freezer on the north east corner. Now exit this freezer area. Back in the previous area, head for the north western door this time and be aware of the new enemies here. Take these enemies out and go to the north western door ASAP. Once through it, go down the hallway taking the handgun ammo at the end of the hall. Take the door into the next room now, kill any enemies you find in here and grab the rifle rounds too. From here you should equip the rifle and try to take out as many enemies on the lower ends as possible. Since it all helps out for the better. Once your done shooting, head eastwards. Keep going and you will find 2 dynamite wielding enemies, get close to them and let them see you but then quickly head back so their fuses run out before they can reach Ada, killing them. Take the red herb hiding behind a crate and exit through the door on the southern corner. Directly in front of the door is a green herb and some TMP ammo can be taken from the desk. Now you'll be locked in this room and its time for some fierce shooting so equip the TMP for quick killings. Kill any enemies here but be sure to save ammo by using the kick command more then often, after that is done check the computer console and you can unlock the door from there, but you will be attacked by more enemies once that happens. These new enemies may be too hard to kill with the TMP so take the time when ever you can to take out the rifle and use that to kill if the TMP isnt doing the trick for you. Once that is done go through the door that we just unlocked. Woohoo. In here, take the path forward and turn left when you can, grab the yellow herb from near the cupboard then check it to find a grenade inside it. Head forward now and go near where the cell is. Take out any enemies in the area and after the area is clear take the handgun ammo from the table and some TMP ammo near it. Take them, now go through the case in the corner of the room to get your third Los Plagas sample. Exit this area once you've got it and take the path north. Continue north and when you enter a new area, you will find some enemies in there, take them out any way you suit and take the TMP ammo from the table next to the door you entered from. Take the green herb from near the stairs here. Head down the stairs and you will see some items laying around in the area, like a red herb and handgun ammo. There's a door too but before you can go through it you will be attacked by some new enemies here, the quickest method to take them out is to use a grenade so they're damaged a little, then run back up the stairs and from there use the rifle to take them out safely and efficiently. One of the enemies will leave a first aid spray on death, so you should take it and this time go through the door we were about to before. (you can't go through it when there are enemies here since its mysteriously locked at that time.). In this new area you will probably be attacked immediately, so take out the TMP for close quarter combat and take out any one you see here. Head for the doors on the lower end and you will be attacked by two dynamite enemies, try to shoot one from a distance so that when he explodes he will take out the other one too. Nifty. Enter the door that they just came out of and inside you will find some TMP ammo and another yellow herb on a table. Go through the door on the east side now, in this new room you will find a green herb and a single enemy. Go a little to the south and you can shoot at some of the enemies through a window. Head through the southern path and on your way take the TMP ammo from a crater on the left side. Keep going and you will eventually come to a lab area, take the green herb, red herb and yellow herb from the shelf on the left side. This should be indication enough that the game isnt that far from being over now. Afterwards, see the cylinders, break it to find another Las Plagas sample, four now. After that break the glass on the right to find more rifle ammo, TMP ammo and handgun ammo. Take all of it. On the upper corner of the room you will find some more TMP ammo. Once you've taken all the items get ready for enemies attacking through windows. You will be attacked by some more enemies, take them out as best as you can, after you have cleaned the area, go through the window they came out yourself now. Once through, see the case on the western end to find more handgun ammo. After taking it check the control panel on the right side to open the doors. After doing that head in the southern direction going through the attacking enemies. One of them will drop another first aid spray for the taking. Take it and head for the door on the south side. Go through it killing any enemies that you might encounter on your way or through the door. After that go east and you'll be out of the labs area for good. Continue down the path now, and pop open any barrels you might find on your way there. Your about to enter the boss fight so be prepared. BOSS FIGHT : JACK KRAUSER ------------------------- This can be a real hard or not that hard fight depending on how well you have managed to learn the dodging and aiming straight at a target, the good thing about the battle however is that Jack isnt that strong of a boss and you can take him out in a little time if you use the right techniquest. The best method to take him out is to use the standard TMP on the legs and try to knock him down or when he's not moving try to throw a grenade at him so that it takes a good chunk of his health quickly. Now if you are good enough and manage to knock Jack off his feet then quickly go a little back and take out the rifle, then start pumping him full of lead, try to aim above the waist area for the most amount of damage that you can deal. To avoid his attacks you should keep your dodging fingers ready also always try to step backwards for this fight and not turn your back to Jack, that way you can dodge his attacks even more easily. An easier method to get through this fight safely is to just walk backwards when fighting him, I mean no turning around and running, just pressing the down key to walk a step back at a time, you'll be able to dodge his attacks like this too. The fight shouldn't be that hard and Jack will eventually fall down and die and leave the final Las Plagas sample behind for the taking. Take it. After that is done and you have all the samples that you need, take the elevator up and use the control panel there to call for your backup, and the game is over. Tip for fighting the final boss ------------------------------- Here is a small tip on making the final boss in assignment ada a little easier, thanks to Steve Kostadinovich When fighting krauser, all you have to do is leave the area equip the semi-auto rifle, and then go back to it. He'll start all the way across the bridge from you. Quickly open the scope, shoot him in the legs, then head as usual. I think it takes three shots to the head to off him. If you do this quick enough you will not get hit once when fighting this boss. It makes a somewhat difficult battle very simple The Rewards : Once you finish this assignment you will be able to purchase the chicago typewriter gun for the main game on your next play. Its priced at 1 million peseta's. END OF ASSIGNMENT ## LEGAL AND CONTACTING INFORMATION =================================== This guide was made only for the purpose of helping other people, and i dont intend to use it for profit, and i would really really appreciate it if no one else does it too. This guide is as free as everyone of us is. Use it nicely. The following sites have are the special sites who this guide belongs too in full right... ( ( PS ... this doesnt mean that other sites cant use the guide, any site which i want this guide to go to and any site which tells me before using it shall be allowed ))) And any other site which take my permit first... Any other site can also use this guide as long as they keep it to themselves and inform me about my guide being used, and i really wouldnt like it if anyone uses it for money PLEASE TELL ME BEFORE YOU USE MY GUIDE. This guide was made by Adnan Javed , better known as ChandooG on the Gamefaqs message boards, i made this guide just for the people for free to be used as a source of making your game easy and enjoyable... or if you dont understand in those words or you think of using this guide for profiticle purposes then know this that I have a very qualified lawyer in my family :) get the picture. Resident Evil all its characters and all the logo's are copyright of capcom co. I am in no associated with capcom and this guide is an uffocial work. Resident Evil/Biohazard is a regestered trademark of capcom co. CAPCOM ARE LIKE GODS. RESPECT THEm. ©Capcom Co., Ltd. 2005 ©Capcom U.S.A., Inc. 2005 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. RESIDENT EVIL, CAPCOM and the CAPCOM LOGO are registered trademarks of Capcom Co., Ltd. Nintendo, Nintendo GameCube theofficial seal are trademarks of Nintendo.Theratings iconis a registered trademark of the Entertainment Software Association. All other trademarks are owned by their respective owners. On another note i dont think i need to mention that this guide is also protected by the international copyright laws and that makes it about as illegal as any bad thing for anyone to plagrize it, i ask everyone to keep there eyes open and if they ever see this guide being used for the wrong reasons then please dont hesitate to contact me and i shall see what i can do about it, dont think of this as a joke because plagrism is not that uncommon nowadays, several great authors works are plagrized for money and thats.. very VERY bad.. * CONTACTING INFORMATION ---------------------- Want to drop an email to me ?! please make sure of the following things before sending me an email * look in the walkthrough for any puzzle or boss related questions first.. dont find it there.. mail me. * If you have any strategy or any simpler method against the bosses then dont hesitate in mailing them to me, you shall be credited if i put them in this walkthrough God any question about the game ? use this address : or * CREDITS AND THANKS ------------------ * God of course for making the whole world like it is today and a special thanks for making me lol ;-) * My hands, i can say without a doubt that i may be one of the fastest typers alive, since i wrote this enter thing out in about less then 2 days. I RULE ! * , for allowing people such as me to show off their writing skills, or even learn that common men can also make walkthrough's for games, i mean three years ago i didnt know what a FAQ was. * All the people who use this walkthrough for making their game easy, not for their profitable gains, a special thanks to the websites who use it by asking my permission first , and keeping it in its original unedited .txt format. * Credit to Steve Kostadinovich for giving me the tip on how to make the krauser fight easier in assignment ada. BYE. CHANDOO G SIGNING OFF.

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Ada Wong(Japanese: エイダ・ウォン,Hepburn: Eida Won) is a fictional character in the Resident Evil (Biohazard in Japan) horror franchise by Capcom. She is a mysterious and ambiguous antihero figure, working for the series' villains but also helping the protagonist Leon S. Kennedy.

Introduced as a supporting character in the video game Resident Evil 2 in 1998, Ada () later appeared as a player character or in supporting roles in the video games Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City and Resident Evil 6, as well as in the animated film Resident Evil: Damnation. The live-action film series' version of Ada appeared in Resident Evil: Retribution. Ada was well received and became one of the most popular characters in the series.


In video games[edit]

An American woman of Chinese descent,[6] Ada is first mentioned in the original Resident Evil (1996) set in the year 1998. A letter written by dying Umbrella Corporation researcher John[7] was addressed to a woman named Ada.[8] There was an Umbrella researcher named Linda during the early development stages of the sequel (a version popularly known as "Resident Evil 1.5").[9] The character was eventually given the full name Ada Wong in order to provide a connection to the first game. John was infected with the deadly T-virus during an outbreak in the Arklay Laboratory facility; he asks Ada (who had manipulated him to steal Umbrella's secrets for a rival company)[7] to destroy the Spencer Mansion (the first game's setting) and to reveal the incident to the public.[8]

Ada makes her first on-screen appearance in Resident Evil 2 (1998), set several months after the events of the first game. In the game, she is a spy for an unnamed rival company who is sent to recover a sample of the deadly G-virus from Umbrella's lab in the zombie-infested Raccoon City.[10] Ada poses as a bystander who is searching for her missing boyfriend John when she meets Leon S. Kennedy, a rookie police officer trapped in the city.[11] Her secret agenda is exposed, and (depending on which scenario is played, although the second outcome is canon) she is seriously wounded by either Annette Birkin or the monster Tyrant T-103 in an attempt to save Leon. She later drops him a rocket launcher to defeat the T-103.[7] An epilogue in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis as well as a fictional documentary in Code: Veronica confirm that Ada survived the ordeal. Her role in Resident Evil 2 is explored in more detail in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles (2007)[12] and Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles (2009).[13]The Umbrella Chronicles shows Ada's escape from Raccoon City, as she fights her way out and grapples onto an Umbrella helicopter as it passes overhead. Ada also appears as an enemy in another Resident Evil 2spin-off game, the non-canonical Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (2012), in which she is also a playable character in its multiplayer "Heroes" mode.[14]

Her next starring role is in Resident Evil 4 (2005) set in the year 2004. Ada assists Leon in his mission to rescue the U.S. president's daughter Ashley Graham from the sinister cult Los Illuminados that is based in a remote area of Spain.[15] However, her true objective is to obtain a sample of the dominant species Plaga parasite developed by the cult. She reports to the villain Albert Wesker who is now in a high position within the rival company.[16][17][18] Ada is dispatched for this mission alongside Jack Krauser who distrusts her and believes she is a threat to Wesker. She enlists the help of the researcher Luis Sera who manages to steal a sample but is then killed by the cult's leader Osmund Saddler. Ada is briefly captured and planned to be sacrificed but manages to escape. After meeting Leon, she saves him from Krauser who was ordered by Wesker to eliminate Leon. Ada destroys the cult's battleship and the Plagas-mutated Krauser, and aids Leon in various ways. Eventually, she is taken hostage by Saddler, who uses her as bait to trap Leon. Leon, however, is able to free her, and Ada provides him with a special rocket launcher to destroy a mutated Saddler before escaping with a sample via helicopter. Ada appears in the game's sub-scenario "Assignment: Ada", as well as in the "Mercenaries" mode. In the PlayStation 2, PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii ports of Resident Evil 4, a new scenario starring Ada was included. Titled "Separate Ways", it depicts the events of the main game from her perspective. The fictional documentary "Ada's Report" describes her involvement with other characters in the story.[19] In her report, it is revealed that she works for a different organization than Wesker's, sending him an inferior strain and stealing the parasite sample for herself instead.

Ada is a playable character in Resident Evil 6 (2012) set in 2012-2013, where she is "a lone spy working in secret".[20] Her campaign, designed to bring the answer to some of the game's mysteries,[20] becomes available after the player finishes the storylines for the main characters Leon, Chris Redfield and Jake Muller.[21] During the course of the game, it is revealed that Ada is a former associate of the rogue National Security Advisor Derek C. Simmons who becomes dangerously obsessed with her. Though she originally worked on her own agenda, she gets caught up in the game's events and is forced to help Leon in his mission to stop Simmons' plans. Initially single-player only, Ada's campaign features the action-oriented gameplay of Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5, combined with stealth elements and puzzles similar to the earlier games in the series. Ada is primarily armed with a crossbow, uses a grapple gun, and is aided by (or "using") Leon and his new partner Helena Harper.[22] The campaign incorporates boss battles against Helena's C-virus infected sister Deborah and the mutated Simmons from Leon's campaign, as well as a boss fight unique to Ada.[20] Ada's sidekick in Resident Evil 6 is a mystery "agent" who does not appear in any of the cinematic scenes, as he was added post-release via a patch to be an optional online multiplayer partner during her campaign.[23] In addition, both Carla-Ada and the real Ada are unlockable playable characters for the game's "Mercenaries" mode.[24][25]

Added to the mix is Carla Radames, a researcher who became a clone of Ada and was created by Simmons with the C-virus. Carla, who believes she is actually Ada, is the main villain of the game, leading the Neo-Umbrella forces responsible for unleashing C-virus outbreaks and fighting against the Bio-terrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA) forces led by Chris Redfield. She first appears in the Republic of Edonia in Eastern Europe and then in the city of Lanshiang, China. After learning the truth about herself, Carla is driven insane and resolves to infect the entire world. She eventually succeeds in infecting Simmons, but is killed by one of his men. Ada is forced to fight Carla who injects herself with a massive dose of the C-virus. After destroying the resurrected and mutated Carla, and parting ways with Leon, the real Ada destroys Carla's "greatest creation" before it could fully hatch from its cocoon. Ada then receives a phone call from her organization about a new job, which she accepts.

In films[edit]

In the live-action film Resident Evil: Retribution (2012), Ada Wong is held captive by the Umbrella-controlled Jill Valentine[26] and fights against Jill and Bad Rain,[27] together with Alice.[28] Despite their romantic involvement in the video game series, Li described Ada and Leon Kennedy's relationship in the film as "subtle".[27] In Retribution, Ada is an associate of Wesker and had defected with him from Umbrella to save the remnants of mankind, while Leon is one of their mercenaries. All three of them survive the events of the movie. She was announced to return in the sixth film, tentatively titled Resident Evil: The Final Chapter,[29] but ultimately did not make a reappearance.

The game series' Ada appears in the second computer-animated Resident Evil film, Resident Evil: Damnation (2012) that is set in an Eastern European war zone. Trailers for the film showed Ada introducing herself as a special investigator from the UN counter-bioterrorism agency BSAA.[30][31] She is revealed to be a spy and thus captured by President Svetlana Belikova of the film's fictitious Eastern Slav Republic. Ada manages to escape and meets up with Leon (who at first briefly fights with her), then survives and flees. She is last seen speaking to an unknown figure, offering him a stolen sample of the Dominant Plaga strains in exchange for the erasure of an arrest warrant that Belikova and the BSAA had put against her.

Other appearances[edit]

Ada was featured in the 1998–1999 manhuaShēnghuà Wēijī 2 ("Biohazard 2").[32] A romantic comedy retelling of the story of Resident Evil 2 centering on Leon, Claire and Ada was released in the Taiwanese two-issue comic Èlíng Gǔbǎo II by Ching Win Publishing Co., Ltd. in 1999.[33] Capcom screenwriters created two Resident Evil 2 radio dramas broadcast on Radio Osaka in early 1999 and later released by publisher Suleputer as two separate CDs with the common title Biohazard 2 Drama Album,[34][35] including Ikiteita Onna Spy Ada (lit. "Ada, the Female Spy, is Alive"). Set a few days after the events of the game, it deals with Ada's mission to retrieve Sherry Birkin's pendant with the G-virus sample from Umbrella enforcer HUNK. Ada intercepts the delivery of the locket in the village of Loire in France, eliminating HUNK and his men. She survives an accidental T-virus leak, escapes and realizes her feelings for Leon, deciding to quit the spy business and return to him.[34] Canonically, the characters' story arcs are continued differently, as Ada keeps the pendant with the G-virus and resumes her activities as a spy.[36][37]

Two action figures of Ada were included in the figure sets Resident Evil 2: Platinum Edition 2 by Toy Biz (1998)[38][39] and Resident Evil 4: Series 1 by NECA (2005).[40][41]Hot Toys released a 1/6 scale action figure of the character in 2012.[42][43] Several Ada statuettes were also released exclusively in Japan.[44][45]Sony Music Entertainment's Biohazard: The Umbrella Chronicles Original Soundtrack features Ada on the covers.[46][47] In 2011, Ada Wong was added to Bandai's Resident Evil Deck Building Game in the expansion Nightmare. Ada-related items were also released with the pre-order and limited editions of Resident Evil 4.[48] The character made her first guest appearance in the browser-based social game Onimusha Soul (2013), where she was re-designed to fit a feudal Japan theme.[49] Ada also appears as a non-playable character in the tactical role-playing game Project X Zone 2.

Design and portrayal[edit]

When Resident Evil 2 was still in development, Ada was a researcher named Linda who aided the player throughout the game. The character was changed for the game's final version.[9] Her costumes include a red casual miniskirt outfit as seen in Resident Evil 2, her now-iconic red dress and a black combat suit from Resident Evil 4, and an outfit consisting of a red shirt with raised collar, black leather trousers and high-heeled boots from Resident Evil 6. Ada's motion capture actress in 'Resident Evil 6, Michelle Lee, said that the process was "definitely a challenge and with the amazing team they were very specific on how she moved, her specific characteristics and even how she stood still".[50]

Ada is voiced by Sally Cahill in Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles,[51] by an unnamed actress in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, and by Courtenay Taylor in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, Resident Evil: Damnation and Resident Evil 6. Cahill described the character as "a totally hip, modern, kick ass femme fatale who could handle weapons awesomely" and stated that she loved Ada's "resilience, her strength with still being sexy and very female".[52] Taylor said: "Obviously, they want the voice you auditioned with, but seeing Ada made me give her characteristics. She's sort of cat-like and she walks very quietly and you can tell she's very lithe. She's sort of effortless, so that was great."[53]

In 2011, Li Bingbing was cast as the Resident Evil live-action film series version of Ada, only a few days after her first audition. She did not know anything about the games and the characters, but after learning about them, she thought that Ada's personality was "very much" like her own.[54] The film's producer Robert Kulzer described her as "perfectly cast", saying: "In addition to being an extremely talented actor, she's sharp, sexy and smart—all qualities that the Ada Wong character had to have."[55] During filming, Li wore a US$7,500 wig[27] and "enjoyed" the firearms training she received.[56] She complained about her being cold in Ada's revealing "qipao with a high slit that flapped when the wind blew", but added, "I wanted the slit to be that high after I saw the images of Ada Wong from the game... Not that I wanted it to be that high but that was where the opening would be the most beautiful and cool."[57] Apparently due to the Senkaku Islands dispute, Li did not attend the Tokyo premiere of the film and reportedly also requested that her image be edited out of its promotional posters in Japan.[58] In the film, Ada's voice was dubbed by Sally Cahill in English and by Maya Okamoto in Japanese.


The character was well received. In 2007, Ada was listed among the 50 greatest female characters in video game history by Rob Wright of Tom's Games, who suggested she be played by Kelly Hu in the live-action Resident Evil series.[59] That same year, Ada was ranked second on the list of top "video game chicks" by ActionTrip,[60] and, together with Leon, she was also included by Alexander Villafania in The Inquirer's 2007 list of the most memorable video game love teams.[61]GameDaily featured her as their "Babe of the Week" in 2007 and described her as a "gun-toting hottie" with capabilities to star in her own video game.[62] In 2011, "a highly disfunctional [sic] relationship" between Ada and Leon was ranked as the ninth top video game romance by James Hawkins of Joystick Division.[63]IGN included Ada on the list of characters they would like to see return for Resident Evil 6.[64]Retribution producer Jeremy Bolt said fans were "very, very pleased with all of our choices [in the film], particularly Li Bingbing, who plays Ada Wong. They visited us on set last week, and they were really blown away by her."[65] According to Li Bingbing speaking in 2012, the character has "a big fan base" in China.[54]

Sex appeal[edit]

Mass media outlets from around the world have described Ada one of the sexiest Asian and general female characters in all of video gaming. GameTrailers named her a "sexy she-devil" and ranked her number five among the top ten "gamer babes" of 2007.[66] In 2008, UGO ranked Ada as the fourth top "videogame hottie", describing her as "drop dead gorgeous" and stating that they anticipate what the series has in store for her in the future,[67] while Chris Buffa of GameDaily ranked her the 12th "hottest game babe".[68] GameDaily also included her in the Babe of the Week galleries "Asian Beauties"[69] and "Girl Power" where she was listed alongside Claire Redfield, Jill Valentine and Sheva Alomar.[70] In 2009, this "kinda babe guys dream about" was featured in MSN's list of "gaming's hottest babes",[71] as well as showcased in a similar article by Polish tabloid Fakt.[72] In 2010, The Times of India listed her among the nine "sexiest babes" of action games[73] and Sarah Warn of AfterEllen ranked her as the 11th "hottest" female video game character.[74] In 2011, Complex ranked her as 24th "best looking sideline chick in games", commenting on Ada's resemblance to Nikita from La Femme Nikita.[75] In 2012, Complex's Larry Hester ranked her as the eight best Asian character in video games, stating that this "bad girl killed zombies like roaches with the sophistication of a ballet dancing gunslinger,"[76] while Larry Hester from the same magazine put her at 28th spot on his list of the "hottest" women in video games, describing her as "enshrined in fanboy canon forever more."[1] Polish web portal also included Ada from Resident Evil 6 among the "sexiest game heroines" of the year.[77] In 2013, ZoominGames ranked Ada as number one top Asian female in gaming for her aura of mystery and combining "cool with sexy",[78] while Scarlet Clearwater of Soletron ranked her as the eight sexiest female video game character.[79] In 2014, she was ranked as the seventh best looking game girl by Brazilian GameHall's Portal Play Game[80] and David Arráez from Spanish newspaper La Nueva España included her among ten sexiest male and female characters in video games, choosing her over Jill due to her Oriental beauty".[81] In 2015, Indonesian television Liputan 6 ranked her as the third most sexy Oriental woman character in games.[82]


Unlike Jill and Claire, whose cleverness and puzzle-solving skills were well-matched to intricate, booby-trapped mansions and police stations, Ada's character has been molded to fit the Leon scenarios' faster-paced, shooter-style gameplay. Even in RE2, she is a character explored entirely in sound bites: Charismatic. Single-minded. Cunning. Vixen. Mysterious. She's definitely the modern image of "girl power."[83]

Lara Crigger, The Escapist, 2007

Lara Crigger of The Escapist found Ada to be not only "the femme fatale archetype given pixilated form" but also "a strong, feminist role model" that is "beautiful and sexual" in light of the existentialist philosophies of Simone de Beauvoir.[83] According to Nadine Farghaly of the University of Salzburg, unlike the typically "sexless object" characters such as the Resident Evil series' own Claire Redfield and Rebecca Chambers, or Silent Hill's Heather, Ada is in her opinion a positively gender fluid character as "she has attributes typically associated with males, such as physical strength and intelligence, and traits typically associated with females, such as beauty and poise."[84] However, Play editor Gavin Mackenzie criticized her perceived "bitch" personality in Resident Evil 4 in retrospective from the events of Resident Evil 2.[85]Complex ranked Ada 19th on the 2011 list of "most diabolical video game she-villains", noting her "dragon-lady qualities."[86] In 2013, Liz Lanier of Game Informer included Ada among top ten female villains in video games, stating that "whether you want to call her a bad guy or just an anti-hero, it's clear that her enemy is whoever gets in her way; if that happens to be a former ally, so be it."[87] She was also included on the 2014 list of top ten "hottest" female villains in gaming by Travis Huber of Cheat Code Central.[88] Ryan Bates of Game Revolution ranked her as the 16th on his 2014 list of top "mean girls in gaming" and wrote that "the scariest part about this Resident Evil stalwart is that players never know if she's working for the Umbrella Corporation, for Wesker, for someone else altogether, or for her own motives. Ada proves that a person, man or woman, without loyalties is a person to be distrusted."[89] ZoominGames put her at number one spot of their 2014 top list of femme fatales in gaming.[90]


Matt Cundy of GamesRadar found Ada's iconic costume from Resident Evil 4 to be unsuitable for the game's theme, ranking her "out-of-our-price-bracket Shanghai hooker" look as the most impractical of all main outfits of the series' stars and commenting that anyone dressing like her to fight zombies "would have to be certifiably mental."[91] Contrary to his opinion, some film critics expressed a positive opinion about the practicality of Ada's high-slit dress,[92][93] and Lisa Foiles of The Escapist included Ada (as well as Jill and Sheva) among her five examples of actually practical female hairstyles in video games.[94] Chris Warrington of PlayStation Official Magazine included Ada in her characteristic red dress on the 2012 list of eight best dressed PlayStation characters, calling her "the wearer of the finest dress on the PlayStation."[95] In 2014, Daniel Żelazny from Polish magazine PSX Extreme ranked it as the seventh best female outfit in games,[96] while Julia Cook of Paste chose Ada as "best dressed lady" in gaming and also called her "arguably the sexiest character in videogames."[97]

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