Essay On Corruption In America

Corruption In American Politics

Corruption in politics is a major concern in America politics. The history of corruption falls back to long ago and is believed to have started with the human race. Corruption is being on the opposite side of the public virtue with the aim of gaining personally. In America, political leaders have been accused of using their positions in a wrong ways so as to benefit themselves. These are the major factors or the main reasons believed to contribute to the struggling American democracy. Unfortunately, what people view as political corruption is just a negligible percentage. There is more to it than what we see and believe. This is why I believe that farmer George Manson was right when he said the government of America needed to provide for corruption, or it will soon be pushed to the wall.

Corruption in Elections

The most talked about voices in America elections are violence and instability. The truth, however, is that these have just been contributed to the many issues of corruption that are not talked about. You will never eliminate violence if there is corruption. Bribing of voters is very high. Many states in the US have treated lobbying as a serious electoral crime. Measures aimed at getting rid of this vice but have not been able to win in the fight. Courts in America have a task to make sure that lobbying contracts do not get through as it is against America’s electoral laws.

Risk at the Democracy

Each person in America that is of age has got only one vote. It should, therefore, be obvious that all people should be treated equally by the elected leaders. This does not however happen because some people contribute or donate a lot of funds to campaigns. This creates the difference. The same leaders are also subject to some groups of rich guys who pump money in their campaigns. They thus hold a very large say in what happens in America. There is an electoral law in America that regulates the amount of money that is spent in politics. Politicians used to spend way beyond the set amount of money in campaigns. This brought about the question of whether they will be royal to work for the people. Some would feel that they were put to power by their money that they injected in the campaigns. Their main aim would be to reward those that funded their campaigns and thus end up eroding democracy.

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